Recently, one of my favourite childhood cartoons came to my mind. It was "Enchanted Pencil", the adventures of a boy - a dreamer.  He found himself in possession of a magical pencil that became a sort of magic wand. It was enough for the boy to think about something that he longed for, and in order for his dream to come true, he would need to transfer the images from his mind onto paper, drawing them with the enchanted pencil, and a moment later they would become real.

      And what if the fulfilment of your dreams really is possible in a similar way? Well, it is! We can all become boys and girls with enchanted pencils. It is even advisable that we do not limit ourselves to visualising our dreams only with a pencil. We can use a wide range of articles, thanks to which we will create our own individual map of dreams.

A journey to happiness with a map of dreams

28 March 2019
Dream map

     It's funny that the memory of the "Enchanted Pencil" hit me right now, because, according to astrologers, there are two best dates to create such a map. In 2019, they fall on April 5, during the first new moon of the year in the sign of Aries, and April 19, the first full moon in the sign of Aries.

      I can already imagine the reaction of many people - mocking laughter regarding the above dates. The impact of the phases of the Moon on our well-being and health is by no means a fantasy. According to scientists, there is a great correlation here. The new moon phase is, as stated by folk medicine, the best time for any kind of activity. It is a time that gives us a large boost of energy, physical strength and mental resistance. The full moon, however, has both a positive and negative influence on us. Nevertheless, it is definitely a good time, as all actions taken during this period lead to success and fulfilment. American scientist Mark Filippi claims that there is a clear relationship between lunar cycles and human moods. He believes that the phases of the moon affect the production of neurotransmitters in the brain. During each of the phases, the way of production of these substances changes, which translates into changes in our moods.

lunar cycles

     Well, regardless of whether the theories about lunar influence on humans are something that we believe in, or whether we are opposed to the idea of them having any effect, we now have spring, and this is undoubtedly a great time for change and new challenges. There's nothing to wait for - let's get to work!

     Making a map of dreams can be associated with fun for children. In reality, it is cardinal work with the subconscious. It is important to listen to yourself and your own needs, and then transfer everything you want in life onto paper. It does not matter whether these are goals that can be easily reached, or ones that seem to us completely outside our league and absolutely impossible to achieve. It happens that whenever we start fantasising, we discourage ourselves. "Journey around the world? Get off your high horse! After all, you will never be able to afford it!" - we rebuke ourselves in our thoughts, thinking that such great aspirations separate us from reality. Nothing could be more wrong. The map of dreams is a tool to effectively use the power of visualisation, positive energy and intentions. When we are already in the process of drawing, painting, and attaching, we begin to gradually see our future in more and more distinct shape and colour. We begin to feel joy and identify ourselves with the photographs, images and symbols that we place on the map. Whatever is not only in our head, but already on paper gains power. Dreams then become more specific, because when we see them in the pictures, we start to realise what we really want. And that's how we create our own way to fulfil our dreams, and the door to it is the map we create.

Important feeling
Driving woman

     The centre of the dream map is to focus on its creator. You can paste your photo there or write down your name. You can also include something that reflects your most important dream, for example the heart as a symbol of love, which at the moment is missing in your life. Then, we will add more dreams. Everything that will come to our minds. It does not matter how we organise them and whether we will give them any order at all. We can completely let our imaginations run wild here, create collages and mix various artistic techniques. Photos and drawings do not even have to be very close to how exactly we imagine a particular thing. They can be caricatural, simple and even tacky. It is only important that they are symbols of our personal visions. Combine photos with clippings from colourful magazines, with drawings or paintings. Art has this wonderful privilege of being great no matter how it is created.

dream house

     The key to these doors is that the map has to be related only to ourselves and our dreams. Here, there is no room for someone else's desires, even our loved ones. Do you wish to have a small, country house with a white fence? Attach the right picture, or draw what you see with the eyes of your imagination. Forget about the fact that your partner would like to live on the top floor of a luxury apartment building in the city centre. Do you want to get a driving license, so that you can stop being dependent on your significant other when you are planning a huge shopping trip, but everyone has always told you that you would not be good at it, because you are too scatterbrained? Remember that this is your dream and only you can fulfil it. There is no place for compromises and whims of anyone else. It's time for a bit of healthy egoism and taking care of your happiness.

     We can work on a map of dreams in loneliness or in a group of people amongst whom we feel good. I advise against using alcohol while creating, because it affects the ability to think during this kind of work, which is supposed to be spiritual work. Let's get some drinks later. We can perform the project in silence or listening to music and spending time on conversation. Certainly, it will take us a few hours, and if something happens that will prevent us from completing the map during a one-off session, there is no reason to worry. It should only be remembered that from the start of work, until the end, no more than 48 hours should have pass. If any of the elements fall off, you can easily re-attach them to the same place.

     We will use the ready map according to our own needs, preferences and feelings. Some will frame it and hang it in a visible place, so that they can look at it as often as possible, and thus help themselves in visualisation. Others will hide it deep in their closets, so that no one else will look at it, not wanting someone to express their opinions about their dreams. Regardless of how the map is stored, it will work anyway! Nonetheless, let's remember to look at it as often as possible and give ourselves energy in this way (especially during the new moon and full moon). This will greatly affect our subconscious, which will finally enter the right path to fulfil our dreams. Of course, we will not get to the gates of happiness in the blink of an eye, like the main character of "Enchanted Pencil", but we all know that life is not a fairytale. Let's, therefore, be patient, start positive thinking and follow the map - a tool that will show us the exact path.


     Leave your comments with your opinion below and let me know if you’re interested in attending map of dreams workshops.

Required materials:

Large sketchbook or old carton

Colourful magazines, newspapers



Colourful pens

Paints and brushes


Paper glue, sellotape, stapler
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